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Norfolk Shredding provides destruction services of media and products for our clients’ various requirements.  The largest component of our work is the destruction of paper documents. However, our company can destroy all manner of documents, electronic media, products, and packaging. For your benefit and peace of mind, we are fully NAID AAA Certified for the services that our company provides. Below, a brief description of some of the various services we give is provided. If the materials you wish to be destroyed are not listed here, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to work with you to figure out a solution.

Document Shredding

Our document shredding service at Norfolk Shredding destroys all paper documents via pierce-and-tear technology that pulls the paper into small irregular sized pieces, and mixes it in the paper compartment with other documents. All this shredded paper is then hydro-pulped, where water is added, the mixture is made into a slurry and the ink is removed in preparation for making new paper products. We recycle all the documents shredded. 

There are two types of service available; Purges (also known as Bulk Shredding), and Container Services. Please see the descriptions below.

Purges (Bulk Shredding)

A Purge, or Bulk Shredding, is a one-time service to destroy an accumulation of documents. Once information reaches the retention date, it is a best practice to have it destroyed. This also fulfills your obligations under Canada’s privacy laws. 

We price our services by the bankers box (letter/legal file box of 15” x 12” x 10”).  We’ve found this to be the best understood and easiest method for our clients to estimate the quantity of documents they wish destroyed. Should you need assistance in estimating your volume, please contact us. We have many years of experience helping people estimate their volume of documents.

Once the documents have been destroyed, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction following the service, and an invoice will be sent to you a few days after the service.

Container Services

Many businesses find they are best served by a regular, ongoing schedule for destruction services. Such a system eliminates any incidental documents produced, provides a location for staff to deposit all unneeded documents, develops a staff routine of disposing of documents securely, and establishes a chain of custody trail showing regulators that the business is following best practices.

We provide three different containers to suit your particular needs; bins, consoles, and EMCs (Electronic Media Containers).  You can select the number and type of containers, and the frequency of service to best suit your needs. We then provide you with a Service Agreement that complies with the recommendations of the Privacy Commissioners for your protection. Our Information Security Technicians then arrive on the scheduled dates, empty your containers of the documents, and destroy them.  A Certificate of Destruction is then sent to you, and the invoice should follow in a few days.

Electronic Media

The most common types of electronic media come in the forms of hard drives, tapes, flash drives, CDs, DVDS, cassettes, VHS, reel to reel, and SSDs. We regularly destroy all this media for our clients. It can be added as a regular component to the Container Services or Purge Services, or be done as a stand-alone service. Many of our Container clients get an EMC (Electronic Media Container) from us into which they deposit all their electronic media. Once full, they ask us to take it when we collect their documents. Other clients have us come once every year or two to collect all the electronic media they’ve collected during that period. Once destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction is sent to you.  Let us know how we can help you.

product/packaging destruction

Over the years, we’ve destroyed an incredible variety of products and packaging. Here is a brief list of some items we’ve destroyed for our clients to help you understand our capabilities; consumer electronics, yogurt, bulletproof vests, nutritional supplements, footwear, computers, cardboard boxes, tobacco products, motorcycle helmets, air compressors, uniforms, plastic bags, signs, clothing, and much more. The reasons for destruction of these items are incredibly varied; legal obligations, contamination, end of life, public safety, liability, and to prevent fraud. The destruction methods are as varied as the items we are asked to destroy. For this reason, each service is quoted individually based on the requests/specifications of a client. In most cases, but not all, we secure the materials at your facility, and transport them to our secure Certified Plant Based Destruction Facility. There, the materials are destroyed, in the stipulated fashion, and recycled, if possible. A Certificate of Destruction is then sent to you.

If you wish something destroyed, please contact us. Our team will do their best to find a method of destruction for your particular need, at a price to suit your budget.

Micro Media Destruction

There are a variety of printed media that contain print too small to be destroyed in the same fashion as documents. There are a couple of forms of micro media; microfiche, and microfilm. We also include certain other media in this category due to the miniscule print on them. Although the use of micro media has diminished over the years, they remain useful to a number of institutions.  These forms of media require a far, far smaller particle size when being destroyed to ensure that the information contained on them is rendered unrecognizable. Reducing micro media to much smaller particles, requires specific equipment, and is more time consuming than document shredding. Thus, the fees for this service is more than document shredding. This is another Certified service we can provide should you require it. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you do need to cancel or postpone service, we require notice 48 hours prior to your scheduled service date.

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